Tips For Selling Your Home Fast

Tips To Sell Your Home Faster from the Sandy Hartmann Group

      1) Home Pricing- Ensure you go over a thorough home market analysis with your Realtor so you can be sure to price your home strategically from the start. You want to be competitive in the Tampa Bay real estate market so your home doesn’t get overlooked. Talk to your Realtor about price brackets as well. Most shoppers shop in specific price ranges in each neighborhood, such as ‘up to $300,000, up to $325,000, etc). If you’re in a real estate market where pricing your home at $327,000 will make you miss hundreds of shoppers looking at homes for up to $325,000, your Realtor should be able to advise you on that. Homes that are priced too high from the start often end up selling for far less than they would have if they had started at the correct, more strategic price in the beginning.

      2) Home Staging- Don’t skip the home staging if your Realtor recommends it. Remember, we see thousands of homes each year in person. We know what appeals to buyers. Spending a few thousand dollars on home staging may net you an additional $10,000 (or more!) in your final sales price. Statistics (and our personal experience) show that vacant, empty homes almost always sell for less money than similar homes that are professionally staged. Staging will cast a positive light on your home’s most important features! If you’re living in your home, staging may not include paying a home staging company to bring in furniture…instead you’ll need to focus on putting away family photos (all of them!), boxing up all those piles of stuffed animals your kids love, and making sure every surface is free and clear of clutter (you love your glass cat collection, buyers won’t). This will also make it easier to quickly dust and clean up before a showing.

      3) Photos- The Pinellas Suncoast MLS allows Realtors to enter up to 25 photos for each home listing. Make sure your Realtor is using an experienced photographer with a high quality digital SLR camera and professional grade flash to photo your home (Don’t worry, we do that!). Cell phone photos and ‘point and shoot’ camera photos won’t compare to professional quality ones (which should be provided by your listing agent). The better your photos, the more buyers will want to see your home for sale. Maximizing photos can also increase your home’s likelihood of showing up on various 3rd party real estate websites.

      4) Availability- Make sure your home is easy to show. Once it hits the market with a competitive price and beautiful photos, you’ll likely get multiple showing requests. Try to be as flexible as possible for the showings. It’s a lot of work, but will pay off! The more showings you turn down, the less likely it’ll be that you get an offer in those crucial first weeks.

      5) Review Every Offer- Even if you receive a low ball offer, always review them with your real estate agent and ALWAYS issue a counter offer. Remember not to take offers personally. Even if the counter is dramatically higher, you never know what will happen. We’ve had MANY deals come together that seemed like a long shot simply because the seller issued a more reasonable counter offer.

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